Bradley Wiggins is good enough in the mountains

Plenty of people are bitching and moaning about how no-one’s attacking Bradley Wiggins in the mountains. There seems to be an assumption that as Wiggins is a time triallist, the likes of Nibali and Evans will be able to gain some time in the Pyrenees.

Well, that simply isn’t happening. If Nibali is better than Wiggins in the mountains, the gap isn’t so great that he can actually achieve anything whatsoever. And for his part, Evans made an even more comprehensive rear exit today than he did on stage whatever-it-was.

When Nibali attacked, only two riders went with him – Wiggins and Froome. Clearly these are the top three for a reason. The Sky riders have matched everything Nibali has done and may even have more in reserve. No wonder no-one’s attacking them. It would be like attacking a threshing machine armed with your private parts.