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This website is about watching the Tour de France and other bike races on TV.

I’m Alex Bowden and I’m a writer who cycles, so it seemed to make sense to write about the peloton.

I also write for road.cc.

If you want me to write for your publication, you can get hold of me at alex@tourdefranceontv.co.uk. If you want me to cycle for your team, maybe rethink your recruitment strategy.

Elsewhere, I write about cricket for ESPN, Wisden, The Cricketer and Cricket365 as well as running the King Cricket website.

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  1. sandra Godwin
    sandra Godwin
    at · Reply

    I’ve read your every post for ages and thought it was about time I told you. I think your posts are hilarious and top notch. Bravo. Highlight of my day they are when they pop into my in-box.

  2. Rob Elliott
    Rob Elliott
    at · Reply

    I agree with Sandra.

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