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  1. Lynnette Hall
    Lynnette Hall
    at · Reply

    My husband looks forward to the tour every year and has done for the last twenty years or more. So to his great disappointment he sat ready today to watch the start of the race only to find out that Phil and Paul were not commentating. To say that he is absolutely gutted would be a massive understatement, he said he will not be watching it anymore and it’s another end of an era.

    1. Steve webster
      at · Reply

      So what commentators change who
      Cares stop being a dinodaur
      Look forward not back yu stupid old fool
      This country is finished due to all the do gooders and Bent poloticians

      1. Geoff Ingall
        Geoff Ingall
        at ·

        No problem with changing commentators but these people are putting me to sleep. Where’s the excitement? Where are the updates on the favourites? And where are they riding? What happened to the helicopter view of the prominent buildings. I could never understand a word that Roche said but at least he said something about the riders. Just awful.

  2. Dave Edwards
    Dave Edwards
    at · Reply

    Phil and Paul are and always will be the voices of the Tour de France. You can replace them with whoever you like but for the non cyclist they are the best. Having been a lifelong racing cyclist, mechanic and fan of cycling I understand that younger people may prefer fresher faces but there is no price for experience. Like many who have left comments, I too are totally gutted!

  3. Dave Edwards
    Dave Edwards
    at · Reply

    Alex, please delete the ‘a’ before fresher plus ‘a lifelong’ before fan, thanks.

  4. Bronwyn
    at · Reply

    Paul and Phil are the voices and commentators of the TdF. It is the only cycling race I follow to the end. With out them it is not the same. Please bring them back

  5. Melanie
    at · Reply

    So NOT enjoying Le Tour this year….these two were “the package” with cycllng knowledge, good friends with the cyclists and so much information about the route, having lived and cycled through Europe. Oh come on ASO …really.

  6. Anne
    at · Reply

    Phil and Paul the Rolls Royce of cycling commentators

  7. Clare
    at · Reply

    I thought the same but I do think Ned and David have improved much this year, more relaxed and loads of good information.

  8. Martin Mulhern
    Martin Mulhern
    at · Reply

    PLEASE bring back Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen.I cannot abide the new team of EU loving,Brexit hating Boulting and Millar.The fact that I know about their political opinions is a disgrace-they are paid to inform us about bike racing.They are entertainers not opinion formers. Due to their patronising and condescending comments on Twitter about Brexit voters,I will no loinger be viewing ITV’s covergae.Thanks for ruining my sport.

  9. Michael Allen
    Michael Allen
    at · Reply

    Love the TdF – keep up the good work.
    Afternoon question (not on twitter) – is it just possible that Team Sky intend Geraint Thomas to be the GC winner and that Chris Froome, who is tired after his other recent victories and has in the past been fully supported by Geraint, is taking the pressure off him AND posing as a distraction for all the other teams?
    Many thanks,

  10. Robert Chapman
    Robert Chapman
    at · Reply

    2018 TDF is a disgrace,very uncomfortable to watch,not enjoying it at all. I am not a big fan of team Sky but the French should be ashamed of themselves. Why has this behaviour not been condemned in the press?
    Would love to see the big teams boycote this race and let Spain or Italy become the premier race.

  11. Jose
    at · Reply

    Hello! I am watching stage 19 on my dvr and I am at one hour and 6 minutes, why is every one keeps pointing out that Peter Sagan is hurting, hello! We know, is like wanting him to quit and rop out! Yes he is hurting, we know!!!! Thank you!

  12. DAve Walker
    DAve Walker
    at · Reply

    I love the tour de France the fitness of these lads is outstanding, however it is with disappointment that the villages, building as of Interest, the mountains, rivers ext. Are very rarely mentioned, to quite a lot of people it is so good to see the lovely countryside and I’m sure it would make the experience for the viewers more complete. Please could this be arranged.

  13. Allan Letts
    Allan Letts
    at · Reply

    Why do commentators insist on pronouncing names in the natural tongue. No, we do not all speak French, German, polish, Italian et al, you are broadcasting largely to English speakers, and you detract from the smooth coverage of the race. Yes, you need passion, knowledge and experience to cover the race, but you also need to be informative, and inconspicuous. Thanks, generally brilliant coverage but so irritating

  14. John Weller
    John Weller
    at · Reply

    Hi watching the feature on ITV4 coverage on Mondays rest day, I remember that year cycling with my Team MK & Northampton team mates. The year Bernal won the TDF, saying to the fellow cyclists, the biggest danger to the TDF is Climate change as the ride to Tignes was shopped short.
    I would like to see one of your presenters interview with Michael Woods the Canadian cyclist who struggles with the support of the cyclists on the road, what should be a green past time.

    Regards John Weller

  15. Mike Mitchell
    Mike Mitchell
    at · Reply

    I have lived a stone’s throw from Carcassonne for twenty years this year. I am appalled and embarrassed by the constant ignorant sneering and sniping at the authenticity of this great Medieval monument. Yes, it was extensively restored in the 19th century but the Architect, Jean-Luc Viollet-le-Duc took pains to ensure the work was accurate and indeed, the most controversial aspect, the slate tiling is now considered to have been correct. For the record the Cite we see today dates from around 1130 although it is recorded in the 5th and 6th centuries. To know more of it’s amazing history read about the Cathars, the Albigensian Crusades, the Five sons of Carcassonne, The Treaty of the Pyrenees, Prosper Merimee and Viollet-le-Duc and then, if you still think this great Citadel is a pastiche ask yourself why it is now a World Heritage Site. Please have the courtesy to do your research before opening your mouths.

  16. Liz
    at · Reply

    Enjoyed the commentators. Exactly why do the ladies wear short short skirts and low knecklines

  17. Grammar Nahh-Zeee
    Grammar Nahh-Zeee
    at · Reply

    Great coverage…

    BUT will someone PLEASE teach the presenters the CORRECT PRONUNCIATION OF KILOMETRE?!!

    Kilo means multiples of 1000

    Kilogram = “KILL-er-Gram”
    Kilowatt = “KILL-er-Watt”

    KILOMETRE = “KILL-er-Meter”

  18. Leonard W. Burningham
    Leonard W. Burningham
    at · Reply

    Why doesn’t someone tell Phil and Bob how to pronouce Tadej Pogacar’s name; maybe Phil can’t say his “r’s” but Bob Roll and the rest of the crew can. They have only had three years to do it! Sounded out, ” Pogachar,” not “Po ga cha”!

  19. John Carslaw
    John Carslaw
    at · Reply

    Do the commentators need to go on and on and on. Cycling is not a sport that needs constant commentary!!! Today, Tues. 12th, I turned my sound off!

  20. David Maples
    David Maples
    at · Reply

    Look chaps, you keep saying ‘kilometre’ as in barometer! Actually, it’s ‘kilometre’ as in “pillow eater”. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself how many “kill-oggrams” you weigh.

    at · Reply


  22. Roberta
    at · Reply

    Channel USA did not show the final awards of the tour..What a disappointment…

  23. Pat
    at · Reply

    Good afternoon. The Basque language is euskatara. Not Basque

  24. Pat
    at · Reply

    Sorry Euskara

  25. David Knight
    David Knight
    at · Reply

    Great coverage as usual, but tell Peter Kennaugh he looks a bit of a dick with that ear ring.

    1. Tim cavendish
      Tim cavendish
      at · Reply

      Ha ha David completely agree…..

  26. James Howard Blenkhorn
    James Howard Blenkhorn
    at · Reply

    I am watching the tour on sky tv and was most disappointed to hear the less than complimentary remarks about the medical services in Haute Savoir. I have skied in the Three Valleys for nearly 40 years and had a serious accident way back in 1989. I was unconscious when I was helicoptered off the mountain on La Saulier and flown down to the hospital in Moutiers with an open fracture of my right femur and a destroyed left knee joint. The open fracture of my femur meant that the bone tore through both my hamstrings and my quadriceps and they were big holes. The surgeon saved both my life and my leg and the nurses looked after very well. I was in hospital in Moutiers for six weeks before being flown back to the uk by private jet. I found the remarks on the tour commentary very sad as I would not have been here had the medical facilities been anything but the best.

  27. David White
    David White
    at · Reply

    Boulting and Millar absolutely ruin the TDF coverage. They are like characters from the “Allo Allo” series ,with their over the top french pronunciations. They constantly mention Julian Alaphilipe…..why? The guys best position has been 10th upto 22/07/23. Is this because they love to hear themselves pronounce his name.
    Eurosport here I come!!

  28. Allan Lee
    Allan Lee
    at · Reply

    Hi Team, have enjoyed watching every highlights programme of this years race. Well done to all concerned and long May it continue on channel itv 4

  29. Tim Cavendish
    Tim Cavendish
    at · Reply

    There are too many breaks Why!!!
    So dam annoying you get about 7 mins of racing an 5 mins of crap adverts please cut the adverts to a minimal…..

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