Who is Ramunas Navardauskas?

The first week of a Grand Tour sometimes feels like a complete irrelevance. You know that the leader at this point generally doesn’t stand a chance of winning overall. I’d be surprised if Ramunas Navardauskas won the Giro, for example.

Surprised and also annoyed. Ramunas Navardauskas is a cracking name, but it’s a bloody nightmare to spell. That’s Lithuanians for you. Probably. I don’t actually know any others.

I was kind of hoping that Navardauskas’s presence in the pink jersey was a freakish thing, never to be repeated, but Wikipedia says he’s 24, so he might crop up again. I was a bit worried about his pedigree when I saw that he’d won stage two of last year’s Tour, but then I realised it was the team time trial and therefore doesn’t really count.

To reiterate, my dissatisfaction with Ramunas Navarauskas is entirely based on the fact that his name is hard to spell. I’ve had four goes now (five at his surname) and it’s not really getting any easier.