Andre Greipel is still riding and still winning

2016 Giro, stage 12Greipel wins! Take that, pedals!

I didn’t watch it, but it sounded like a fairly generic sprint stage. Greipel is the best sprinter left in the race and the very fact that he is still in the race arguably makes a case for his being the best sprinter to have been in the race as well. (Marcel Kittel, I’m looking at you. Grand Tours are three weeks long, you know.)

That said, shortly after winning, Greipel announced that he too was abandoning.

Did anything else happen? Any general classification time gaps or anything?

No. But there were some roundabouts and kerbs, as promised by the organisers. Heady stuff.

Stage 13

A hard stage with some solid climbs.

Specialities of this region include cotechino (a type of cured sausage) with sour turnips, and also frico.

Frico can be a mix of potato and cheese, fried until crispy, but it can also be pure fried cheese with no potato dilution. One for the health-conscious among you there.

2016 Giro, stage 13


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