Bradley Wiggins – how many Olympic medals?

Seven. Seven Olympic medals. Four gold, a silver and two bronze. Bradley Wiggins has won more Olympic medals than any other Briton.

Even more impressively, this isn’t one of those gargantuan medal hauls that comes about from the particular nature of the sport. It’s not like the swimming where if you’re good at freestyle you can compete in the 100m, 200m, 400m, 100m relay and 200m relay as well as the 122m, 161m and 189m. Probably.

At the last two Olympics, Bradley Wiggins won the 4km individual pursuit. That race takes just over four minutes. Today, he won a 44km time trial, which took him just over 50 minutes. That’s not to mention the fact that just 10 days ago he emerged victorious in a race over 3,000km in length.

The race of truth? The truth is that Bradley Wiggins is just extraordinary.


5 responses to “Bradley Wiggins – how many Olympic medals?”

  1. And Chris Hoy might go level with him, only with more golds, if he wins the Team Pursuit or Keirin (which is a stupid event, if you ask me)…

    Who is better? Hoy or Wiggins? Who would win in a fight?

    1. I would suggest Hoy. My reasoning is based on this photo:
      The man with the ‘tiny’ legs on the left is Andre Greipel, the track cyclist’s legs are on the right.

      1. I’ve seen that photo a few times. I didn’t know it was Greipel.

        Seeing it in Google Images results, I assumed it was from some medical website where they were showing what could go wrong if you overtrained certain muscles. Is it just the camera angle that makes them look unbalanced?

  2. I did wonder about that too, but google images seem to suggest its ‘normal’ for these guys to have one super freaky leg, while the other is merely freakish.

    1. Google Images thinks a lot of things are ‘normal’.

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