Bradley Wiggins loses 17 seconds

Team Sky made out that Bradley Wiggins had lost time on stage four because he’d been caught behind a crash. This was true, but it’s also true that he was in a position where that was more likely to happen. The peloton was stretched like cooked mozzarella due to high speeds on the run-in to the line and the race jury say that Wiggins wasn’t in the front group.

17 seconds is not a lot, but at best it’s careless, at worst it’s indicative that he was struggling to hold a good position. Maybe he was just tired. Oh wait, that’s pretty much what we’re measuring with this three-week human experiment.

Sky’s attitude seems to be that only the time trials and high mountains really matter, but you just never know. Those stages might matter more – time gaps are likely to be larger – but 17 seconds is 17 seconds and what is a minute but 3.52941 instances of losing 17 seconds? If this happens 2.52941 more times, will they start to take it more seriously?