Cadel Evans goes out the back door

I’ve always liked the back door. You go out the front door and you’re probably on your way to work, but go out the back door and there’s a good chance you’re going for a nice sit in the garden. Maybe there’s a beer involved.

I like riders exiting through the back door in cycling as well. Sure, we all love a good attack off the front of the bunch, but that’s not really what the sport’s about, is it? Cycling’s about giving all that you’ve got to give and then having to watch people ride away from you when you’re emptier than that mayonnaise jar some idiot’s put back in the fridge when it’s clearly – CLEARLY – empty.

Cadel went out the back today. He went out the front first, but was fairly swiftly reunited with the pack. Put in a huge effort for nothing and your mind takes an even bigger hit than your legs. A rear exit’s always on the cards after that. He lost a minute and a bit, but he deserves that beer. They all do.


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