Denis Menchov reveals himself

Not like that. Although even if that did happen, you wonder whether anyone would notice.

Denis Menchov’s season has reminded me of that bit in Back To The Future where Marty McFly starts fading from existence. He started the Tour de France as a contender, but slowly receded from view and, if I’m honest, I’d actually forgotten he was riding in the Vuelta until today.

I think it’s possible that there’s been a parallel Twilight Zone Vuelta that none of us have seen. That race still features reigning champion, Juan José Cobo and Damiano Cunego, but our boy Denis fought his way back into the real world today, winning stage 20 by hovering behind Richie Porte for bloody miles before absolutely mullering him in the last 150m.

He gained 17 seconds in that distance. Maybe he’s been saving his strength ALL BLOODY SEASON.



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