Devastating news about Domenico Pozzovivo

The Vuelta just lost a very small amount of its lustre. Our favourite rider, Domenico Pozzovivo, has had to pull out. His season’s over after a feline encounter on a training ride.

At 1m65 and 53kg, Pozzovivo isn’t exactly a big bloke. You would however think that he’d come out the better of the two parties following a collision with a cat. Here’s how Domenico describes the incident, which took place as he descended the Stelvio at 70km/h during a training ride:

“I saw a cat coming from the left-hand side of the road, out of the grass. Let’s say that we looked one another in the eyes. I tried to avoid him but he bumped my front wheel.”

Pozzovivo slid for 20 metres and hit a guard rail with his leg. He’s fractured his tibia and fibula.

As for the cat…

“He ran off.”

After trying and failing to attract the attention of nearby mushroom pickers, Pozzovivo phoned his dad, who turned up ten minutes later with an ambulance.


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