Do I have an opinion on Ryder Hesjedal winning the Giro?

No, not really. I’m still coming to terms with a Canadian who doesn’t seem to wear winter clothing.

I’m quite intrigued by his 8.3 litre lungs though. The average is about six litres, so maybe Ryder’s got three of the blighters tucked away inside his ribcage. He’d have to have sacrificed his pancreas and a few other odds and ends to manage it, but cyclists are known for going to extraordinary lengths. I’m no stranger to such behaviour myself. The other day I ate muesli. I shit you not.

Ryder doesn’t think his lungs were the main reason why he won the Giro though. He credits his masochism. My own ability to tolerate pain is currently being tested by a really searing achey knee, so again I’m just like the winner of the Giro d’Italia.

As soon as I can get out of a comfy armchair without emitting a pantomime ‘oooooh’ in the direction of whoever else happens to be in the room, I’ll be back on the bike and riding to glory.