Freeview Giro d’Italia highlights will be available on Quest

Good news everyone, while ITV4 aren’t showing the Giro d’Italia, you can still watch highlights without spending an arm and a leg on access to some cable TV channel or other. Freeview channel Quest will be broadcasting a one-hour highlights package each night at 10pm. Hit ‘series record’ now!

Unlike the Tour de France coverage we get on UK terrestrial TV, the Giro highlights are a Eurosport production. They’ll be fronted by former triple jumper Jonathan Edwards – whose previous cycling broadcasting work once saw him memorably assert that Jason Kenny needed to “keep his end up with Laura” (he meant in terms of medals).

The commentary on Quest will almost certainly feature the well-informed excitement sponge, Sean Kelly, plus a bunch of other Eurosport stalwarts, such as Carlton Kirby. Kirby is in many ways the anti-Kelly. Genial and prone to digression early on in a stage, he transforms into a high-flow word hose at the business end of the race, spraying loud observations, truisms and inaccuracies seemingly indiscriminately.

The 2017 Giro d’Italia starts on Friday May 5.