Michael Rogers enjoys a decent warm-up

Australian rider, Michael Rogers, entered the Giro at the eleventh hour after visa problems for a team-mate. Short of racing, he’s aiming to build a bit of form so he can better help Alberto Contador during the Tour de France. I’m not sure how much more racing he needs though, because he can already hold off a peloton to win a stage of the Giro.

Rogers attacked at the top of the final climb and descended like a nutcase. He may have looked smooth and safe, but just think about the reality of racing a bike downhill. The limiting factor isn’t necessarily what your body is capable of, but what physics will allow. Take a corner too fast and braking may well make things worse. Other riders are going at a speed they think is sensible. You’re trying to go faster. It’s not a fun game to play.

Stage 12

A time trial. Not a flat one and not a cronoscalata either. We’re in Barolo; wine country, so it’s all picturesque rolling hills lined with vines. There’s been surprisingly little racing among the main contenders up until now, but a time trial reveals all (as do the aerodynamic skin suits they wear, unfortunately). It’ll be good to finally get a handle on who’s truly in contention for this Giro.


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