Orica GreenEDGE rest day rock

Last year, Orica GreenEDGE drew a bit of flak after putting together a video of themselves miming to a truly appalling pop song during the Vuelta. Many of the shots were from during the race and it was suggested that maybe they would have been better off spending the time working out how to win a stage, because they weren’t having any success.

After two stage wins and two yellow jersey-wearers, there can be no such criticism of this latest effort. They’ve also chosen AC/DC as the soundtrack, which is a far better choice. Look out for a cheeky reference to the stage one incident involving their bus after 1m45s.

Moral of the story? Race well and win Grand Tour stages and you earn the right to dick about, so long as you don’t pick a terrible song as the soundtrack.

It’s not a widely applicable moral.

A quick word for something I do unrelated to cycling

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Stage 10

Flat. We’re back to the points competition for the day with 45 points available for the winner on the line and 20 points available for first through the intermediate sprint point. Here’s the stage profile.