Stage nine time trial – detailed analysis

Okay, so Cadel Evans rode quite fast, but Chris Froome rode faster and Bradley Wiggins rode FASTER STILL.

Time trials are pretty easy to get your head around. There’s actually even less to consider in the Tour de France than when you’re doing your own personal time trial over a familiar route.

In the Tour, there’s no: ‘Okay, I’ve got to stop to get a sandwich out of my bag, so this bit of time doesn’t count’. There’s no: “Hmm, what’s that clicky noise coming from my pedal. Maybe I should stop to check it out. This bit of time doesn’t count, because I’m DEFINITELY not stopping because my legs are burning – it’s because of the clicky noise’.

No, in the Tour, they just ride their bikes in stupid figure-hugging body suits and sperm-shaped helmets and whoever’s fastest wins. Today that was Wiggins. By some margin.