Tom Dumoulin wins another thing (a time trial, specifically)

2016 Tour de France, stage 13

Wasn’t even close. Tom Dumoulin finished 1m03s ahead of Chris Froome in second and 1m31s ahead of Nelson Oliveira in third. The gaps stretched out from there. It was Dumoulin’s second stage of the race after that one in Andorra the other day.

Adam Yates, Nairo Quintana and Richie Porte were all about three minutes down; and Dan Martin, Fabio Aru and Joaquim Rodriguez were at least another minute slower than that.

Weight was a factor. The wind blustered around like a pissed bloke who thinks everyone’s arguing with him even when they aren’t, and the lighter riders were buffeted more than the larger ones.

There isn’t really much more to say.

Here’s the overall standings.


Stage 14

After all the chaos and hard riding, this should provide a bit of relief. It should be a sprint day. I haven’t checked the wind forecast though…

Delicacies of this region include Chartreuse, “Alpine meats” and quenelles in Nantua sauce. Quenelles are like minced meat dumpling things. Nantua sauce is a creamy, crayfishy thing.

2016 Tour de France, Stage 14


4 responses to “Tom Dumoulin wins another thing (a time trial, specifically)”

  1. daneel avatar

    I thought a quenelle was that offensive hand gesture that got that foot-to-baller in trouble?

    1. The French only have about nine words, so they have to double up. It’s both.

  2. Top food-describing. I admit that the organizer’s having decided to do the normal thing and list dishes instead of getting bored and doing ingredients instead is making me less intruigued, so I’m not commenting every day, but I am getting a smile from the food descriptions and explanations. I think this is a successful application of your “repeat until funny” technique. Chapeau.

    1. If it were a true application of ‘repeat until funny’ I’d simply write: “Delicacies of this region include the baguette,” each day – and nothing more.

      On day one, you’d think maybe there were in the original home of the baguette. On day two, you’d think it was a mistake. On day three, you’d recognise that it was a joke but not find it funny. It would take until at least day eight before it became amusing.

      After that, it would become annoying for much of the second week, before again having an impact towards the end of the race.

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