Tour de France cryptic crossword

As compiled by Bert. Here’s a link to an Excel version that you can fill in and here are the answers, also in Excel format.

Tour de France Crossword 2014

In-depth stage 16 preview

Big mountains.


6 responses to “Tour de France cryptic crossword”

  1. A P Webster avatar
    A P Webster

    Awesome stuff – this will ruin my holiday for sure…

  2. Fraught with legal and moral difficulties, this one. The debate centred around whether BIG GAY SWINDLER was a usable anagram of the name of a former British winner. The issues were:

    Is it offensive?
    Is it libellous?
    Is it homophobic?

    Having taken advice we decided against, the main reason being it contains not many of the same letters as CHRIS FROOME.

  3. Incredible stuff. Dangerously close to completing it, but at the risk of losing my job, so I have to get back to work.

    1. But if you lose your job, surely that will buy you the time to complete it?

      I don’t understand.

      1. Fine. I’m stuck. Are you happy now?

      2. Which ones are you stuck on?

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