Was Jonathan Tiernan-Locke doping while he was at Sky?

British rider, Jonathan Tiernan-Locke, has been banned for two years for irregularities with his blood passport. He’s been stripped of his Tour of Britain win and I doubt he’ll ride professionally again.

Being as he rode for Sky, many see this as circumstantial evidence that the British-based team are engaged in some sort of sophisticated doping programme. In reality, the dodgy values are from before he joined the team.

If anyone’s in any doubt as to whether Jonathan Tiernan-Locke was doping while he was at Sky or not – look at his record. He was rubbish.



5 responses to “Was Jonathan Tiernan-Locke doping while he was at Sky?”

  1. daneel avatar

    He was good in that Gormenghast adaptation on the Beeb a few years ago, though.

    1. Is that a Jonathan Rhys Myers reference?

      1. daneel avatar

        Was meant to be. Now that I think about it, there was probably scope there for a joke about substance abuse.

      2. daneel avatar

        Or, indeed, blood.

        Just pretend I made them.

      3. No.

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