What’s going on in the Tour of Oman?

In my last article, I slightly talked up the Tour of Oman, but have since written nowt about it. I should probably bring you up to lead-out speed on what’s been going on.

Stage one

Greipel wins. Take that, pedals!

Stage two

Alexander Kristoff won.

Stage three

Greipel wins. Take that, pedals!

In summary

It’s been sprint finishes. Being as I was talking the race up in terms of general classification riders, what’s happened so far has been largely irrelevant – hence the lack of updates. Things change from now on though.

Stage four involves going up and down the same hill four times. They approach from one direction, go down the other side, swing round and return from whence they came and then repeat. We’ll see the main contenders gravitate to the front for this one before the stage somewhat oddly ends at the Ministry of Housing.

Stage five is a summit finish atop Jebel Al Akhdar – ‘the green mountain’. It’s 5km at 10%, so again it’s one for familiar faces. The final stage will then probably be another sprint finish.

So there you go, you now know what’s been going on in the Tour of Oman. Basically: not a lot.