Peter Sagan and his victory celebrations

Peter Sagan once won the Slovak Cup on his sister’s bike after selling his own and then finding that the replacement from his sponsor had been delayed. If anyone tells me it wasn’t a ‘sit up and beg’ bike with a basket on the front, I will not listen. Some stories are better if you don’t investigate them too thoroughly.

I don’t know whether Sagan had special victory celebrations back then, but he does now. Stage one saw some sort of chicken dance. It’s a well-known fact that everyone on earth has their own, unique chicken dance. Sagan’s is a taut, muscular affair and it’s pretty good.

Today’s stage three victory meant he had to expand his repertoire and so he went for a rhythmic running action which was effortlessly delivered against a backdrop of wailing professional cyclists who were trailing miserably in his wake.

We’re not quite sure what to make of Sagan. There’s a point at which confidence becomes arrogance. However, it’s also true that there’s a point at which arrogance becomes funny and in having a custom bike with ‘Tourminator’ written all over it, Sagan might be the right side of it.