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Whenever I write something, you can sign up to receive that article in an email the following day. This saves checking the site for updates – instead, they come to you.

Email addresses will never be shared with anyone else, so this site’s content is all you will ever receive and you can unsubscribe at any point simply by clicking the link which appears at the bottom of every single email.

To try and cater for different levels of interest, I offer two email subscription options.

  1. Every article
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You can sign up for these using one of the two forms below. You can switch from one to the other (or unsubscribe) via the ‘manage my subscription’ link that appears at the bottom of each email.

You’ll need to click a link in a confirmation email afterwards, so check your junk mail folder if you don’t seem to have received anything.

Sign up for recaps of the Tour de France (and more)

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4 responses to “Email subscription?”

  1. Dear Alex

    Just a note to thank you for your wonderful writing.

    My wife and self discovered TdFoTVt last year and it has become part of the ritual of following the racing on TV (bless my son-in-law for giving me a Sky Go legal link to Eurosport).

    I won’t sign up for an email alert as I prefer to travel to your site you for calm, balm, a smile and superb turns of phrase.

    Your gentle creativity sits perfectly twixt the mass of fascinating reportage.

    You are indeed our Grand Tour winner!

    Billy Jenkins

  2. Thanks very much. It’s always good to hear that people appreciate what you’re doing. Indeed, it’s always good to get some sense that web traffic statistics do actually equate to real people.

  3. paul culver avatar
    paul culver

    hello there hope you are well and looking forward to being kept up to date with giro d’italia and the tour de france
    have a good week regards paul

  4. John Nagy avatar
    John Nagy

    Thank you Paul, for all your entertaining hard work ! Cheers John.

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