The Dolomites and the Giro

I will freely admit that I know very little about the Giro d’Italia. For the most part, I hear about it afterwards. It is something that just happens. Something that is referred to frequently during the Tour but which has very little impact on me when it actually takes place.

Well not this year. This year I am having ALL OF THE GIRO.

By that, I mean I’m going to sort of vaguely follow it and maybe have it on the TV in the background when I’m working from home. It’s hard to get to grips with it though.

I hear it’s the most mental of the Grand Tours and perhaps the most punishing, but I struggle with the riders. Most of the ‘big names’ I don’t really know. I also don’t really have a good feel for the different stages. I guess it’s something you pick up the first year you follow the race with some conviction.

My research so far has led me to believe that the Dolomites are significant. Perhaps more than any other mountain range, the Dolomites sound like a euphemism for ‘testicles’.


“What’s the Giro like?”

“The riders feel a lot of pain in the Dolomites.”

This is not the first time I’ve made that joke and nor will it be the last. That joke, and variants, might yet prove to be the main purpose of this website.


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