Taylor Phinney’s prologue win in the Giro causes very mild irritation

I don’t have enormously strong feelings about the Giro. Nor do I really ever feel that strongly about prologues. Add in the fact that they’re cycling in Denmark to magnify the sense that the first week of a Grand Tour is really just the groundwork for the race proper and it’s hard to feel too strongly about the first day’s result from the Giro.

If I do have a reaction it’s one of very, very mild irritation. The winner, Taylor Phinney, is American, which is never pleasing. He also has two surnames, which is totally unacceptable.

Cyclists, by and large, have excellent names, as will be explored in coming weeks. However, for some reason many of the Americans favour two surnames. Levi Leipheimer is another example; Tylers Farrar and Hamilton two more. This needs addressing.

Taylor Phinney should do a swap with Tony Martin. With a Tony Taylor and a Martin Phinney, the cycling world would be a happier place.