Bradley Wiggins’ opinion of Lance Armstrong

A lot of people are bemoaning the fact that current cyclists haven’t been too outspoken about Lance Armstrong.

According to Popbitch, Bradley Wiggins was asked about the matter at Dubai Rugby Sevens Weekend and answered:

“If anyone is wearing one of those yellow cock-rings, I am coming and tearing it off.”

Apparently, he’d had a drink.

Popbitch says he also stuck his hand in a cheese, waved it around and said: “Look at my cheese.”

I can’t confirm whether this was an Alan Partridge reference or not, but let’s say it was.


4 responses to “Bradley Wiggins’ opinion of Lance Armstrong”

  1. I made a point of “not watching” the interview at the weekend, whilst “doing something else”, and “not barking” at the TV every time he said something monumentally stupid.

    The interview, apology and Armstrong’s apparent personality were all summed up at once:

    “Listen, I called you crazy; I called you a bitch… but I NEVER called you fat!”

    1. I’ve only seen ‘highlights’ but that bit was excruciating. It was worse because he’d clearly PLANNED to say it. This was the best he could come up with – things he’d not done.

      I like the reasoning though. He should have used the same approach at other times.

      “Yes, I did use EPO and I did carry out blood doping, but I didn’t deface a bus shelter by drawing a cartoon penis on it.”

      “Yes, I did bully a lot of people and I did launch countless intimidatory law suits, but I didn’t post human excrement through Buzz Aldrin’s letterbox.”

  2. The allegations keep coming.

    He’s not the most believable guy, so it might take me some time for me to trust that he’s not responsible for daubing inky genitals on public property; or anonymously delivering human faeces to Apollo mission astronauts.

    It’s a process.

    1. He’s flawed.

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