Iljo Keisse delivers one last surprise

With hindsight, it was spectacularly stupid of me to assume there would be a sprint finish. The 2015 Giro has had no time for predictability. As it turned out, two track riders, Iljo Keisse and Luke ‘Durbo the Turbo’ Durbridge held off the peloton. Even on a flat stage, the breakaway has had its say once again.

Keisse won in the end. He’s best known as the man who pretty much always wins the Six Days of Ghent track race. It sounds very much like he prefers the track too. Looking back on the Giro as a whole, he said:

“Every moment from the first day to the last was horrible… but beautiful. I congratulate Alberto on his win. I’ve finished six hours behind him. Now I’d like a photograph with him.”

The horrific nature of this year’s Giro has been a recurring theme. Even the winner’s had a tough time. Asked how he would remember the race, Contador said: “Perhaps my main memory of the Giro is the leg pain with which I finished the race, and the tired body.”

Happy memories.

He’s not geting much of a break either. “My Tour de France starts now,” he said. “My preparation starts now. Tonight, to the extent to which it is possible, I’ll go and rest as early as possible.”

Never let it be said that chasing two Grand Tours is easy. And it’s not just the physical suffering. Winning the Giro also means Contador now has to put up with his boss looking like this.

What’s next?

The Criterium du Dauphiné next week. Often one of the best stage races of the year, it’s also very much a Tour de France preparation kind of race. Worth keeping an eye on.


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