Marcel Kittel corners the market on Giro road stage wins outside Italy

2016 Giro, stage three

Marcel Kittel won stage two from Arnhem to Nijmegen. Unsurprisingly, stage three from Nijmegen to Arnhem didn’t offer radically different terrain, so he won again. The deja vu was compounded by two of yesterday’s breakaway riders – Maarten Tjallingii and Giacomo Berlato – getting in the break again.

In 2014 – the only other time he’s ridden the Giro d’Italia – Marcel Kittel won the two road stages in Northern Ireland and then immediately abandoned the race. This year, he has won both road stages in the Netherlands. Marcel Kittel has therefore won every single Giro road stage he’s ever ridden, but has never raced a single day of the Giro within Italy.

Stage four

It’s actually a rest day first, what with the whole having-to-get-to-Italy thing. When they do return to racing, the stage is described by the organisers as ‘wavy’.

Particularly striking is a very steep 1.5km lump with 10km to go, so this should be a good stage to watch the end of.

2016 Giro, stage four