Stage seven: Photography is Marcel Kittel’s friend

2017 Tour de France, stage seven

Another win for Marcel Kittel, this time by somewhere around half a millimetre, but they all count.

Marcel Kittel takes stage (via YouTube)
Marcel Kittel takes stage (via YouTube)

I presume the race judges ruled that Kittel had a crucial bit of grit affixed to his tyre or something. Pisser for Edvald Boasson Hagen though.

“I tried to make myself three metres longer,” said Kittel afterwards. He looks much the same to me in that photo, but I suppose if he managed to extend himself any distance at all, it was worth it.

The win moved him into the green jersey. Boasson Hagen picked up a downbeat story to tell his grandkids.

Stage 8

2017 Tour de France, stage eight

This looks fun. It’s not a summit finish because there’s a bit afterwards and who knows what’ll be going on when they hit that patch of road. Hopefully they’ll be all over the place.


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