Thomas Voeckler winces his way to stage 10 victory

My cable connection was knackered today, so I only saw the last 10km on the highlights. I basically got to see Thomas Voeckler making faces and weaving about the road in one of those finishes any amateur cyclist can comprehend. This was especially true for me, because in the absence of live coverage I tackled five climbs. My knee hurts.

Apparently Tommy Vock’s not too popular for his gurning though. There are some riders who thinks he lays the misery on a bit thick before leaping from the break to secure a win. It seems he might have been guilty of that today, but if you’re going to start lambasting Frenchmen for being overly-emotional, you’re in for a hell of a lot of lambasting.

I also believe there were some downhill shenanigans with Vincenzo Nibali trying to make up time on Bradley Wiggins, but it came to nowt, so the general classification’s much as it was.