John Degenkolb’s finger and what it means for the spring classics

Nine of John Degenkolb’s fingers are fine. The tenth one pretty much came off and has only just been stuck back on. According to the man of science who wielded the glue, it’ll be three months before its owner is back racing.

That means Degenkolb will miss the whole spring classics campaign. Being as he won both Milan-San Remo and Paris-Roubaix – two of the four spring Monuments – his absence will leave a sizeable hole in the racing season.

You’re probably wondering how the finger came off. Clearly it didn’t just fall off. The finger actually came loose when a 73-year-old English woman, driving on the wrong side of the road, ploughed into six Giant-Alpecin riders without braking. The incident took place in Alicante where the team were training.

The aftermath looked like this:

It’s worth pointing out at this juncture that cycling is not inherently dangerous, whereas driving on the wrong side of the road most definitely is.


3 responses to “John Degenkolb’s finger and what it means for the spring classics”

  1. Bill Winward avatar
    Bill Winward

    But has his moustache survived?

    1. We believe that John Degenkolb’s Moustache was largely unharmed in the collision.

      1. That’s a relief. No-one should have to lose their moustache due to an idiot driving like we still have an empire.

        Hopefully he doesn’t need that finger to ring his bell, mind.

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