Anthony Delaplace is a nutcase

Peter Sagan’s victory was new. Anthony Delaplace being in a Tour de France break wasn’t. Delaplace is a nutcase.

Most people won’t know Delaplace. He’s only 22 and he hasn’t really won anything yet. However, as we remember it, he was in every single break last year.

Being in the break is an exercise in hope over logic. They almost always get reeled in. You also have to do more work in the break, because there are fewer riders. This equals more turns on the front and less drafting. In a three week tour, to put yourself in the break once is to accept tired legs in later stages. To go in EVERY BREAK is tantamount to suicide.

But it actually gets worse. Today’s break detached from the peloton at the start line. This basically means committing to about 20 per cent more work than everyone else in the race for up to 198km. That makes no sense, but that is what Delaplace did. He’ll probably do the same tomorrow as well.

He’s an idiot. I love him.