Three reasons why Mark Cavendish is inhuman

1. The ability to maintain a high speed

Not the speed of the sprint, the speed of the run-in. The peloton was doing 45mph over the last few miles of Stage 2 of this year’s Tour and riders were disappearing out the back because they couldn’t maintain that flat speed even when drafting someone else.

This was after 200km of cycling. It was just inhuman. Yet Cavendish stayed in there, jostling for position. Cycling at 45mph for all that time didn’t mean winning the stage. It was just the entry requirement for competing the sprint, which leads us to…

2. The ability to speed up

If you’re doing 45mph, how in the name of all that is good and pure do you ACCELERATE?

I’ve done 45mph on a bike. I was going downhill. I shit myself it was so fast.

3. Timing

Cavendish won today’s stage by about eight inches. Travelling at Lord knows what speed with his lungs swelling so much his other organs were being forced into his arse, Cavendish looked up, gauged the distance to the finish, weighed up his own condition and top speed versus Andre Greipel’s and picked his moment to within a fraction of a second.

Unreal. Inhuman.