Michael Valgren is incredibly blond

Michael Valgren (CC licensed by Bert de Boer via Wikimedia)
Michael Valgren (CC licensed by Bert de Boer via Wikimedia)

The absolute state of Michael Valgren’s barnet. Just look at it. The colour’s so far beyond comprehension I genuinely can’t work out whether a feathered side parting is brave or a cop-out.

Valgren won Omloop het Nieuwsblad, the first ‘proper’ race of 2018 and a first reveal of who might win the bigger one-day classics over the next month or so.

Clearly aware of two of the more striking recurring features of cycling interviews, the Dane included both swearing and the word ‘super’ when reviewing his performance.

“It was bloody hard and I am super happy.”

It’s only Valgren’s second year racing the cobbled classics. Last year he came 11th in the Tour of Flanders and 6th in E3 Harelbeke, so he’s probably one to watch.

Łukasz Wiśniowski – a 26-year-old Pole recently signed by Team Sky who has basically never won anything – came second.


3 responses to “Michael Valgren is incredibly blond”

  1. I had to read that second paragraph twice before I realised his full name is not Valgren won Omloop het Nieuwsblad.

    He looks a bit like that TV presenter of yesteryear, Mike Smith.

    1. Quite tempted to call him Valgren Won Omloop het Nieuwsblad from now on. It’s actually got a real ring to it, once you’ve had a couple of practice runs.

      There is a touch of Mike Smith, yeah.

      1. The Won’s pronounced Von, obvs.

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