Vuelta a Espana highlights will NOT be on ITV4 this year – here’s where you can watch it

ITV4 cycling commentator Ned Boulting has confirmed that the channel will not be showing highlights of the Vuelta a Espana (the Tour of Spain) each night this year. ITV4’s Vuelta highlights show has always been extremely good, but they no longer have the rights.

You can still see the Vuelta on free to air UK TV though, and if you’re a casual cycling fan, I urge you to make the effort. It’s an easier race to follow as the points and mountains classifications seem so much less significant than at the Tour. Most years, there’s action in the general classification almost every day, on top of which most years the field is very strong.

Live coverage

You can get live coverage on Eurosport. A lot of people have Eurosport as part of their TV package, but if you don’t, you can sign up for the Eurosport Player (which has recently been rebranded as discovery+). This costs £6.99 for a month, which will cover the entire race, and you can don’t have to sign up for any longer than that. You can also pay £29.99 for a whole year (for which you would get live coverage of pretty much all the other major bike races next season too).

The Eurosport/discover+ player means you can follow the entire race on your phone, your laptop or via a TV app (or even on your telly plugged into your laptop as a workaround).


A daily one-hour highlights programme will be broadcast on free-to-air channel Quest at 7pm. It’s a Eurosport production and will most likely be much the same thing they do for the Giro each year. Quest is available on Freeview and most of the other UK TV platforms, so there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to get it.

You can (and should!) also subscribe to get weekly email recaps of the race from me.

The Vuelta a Espana starts on Saturday.

This is an updated version of last year’s article about UK TV coverage of the Vuelta a Espana.